Our Investment and Pension Portfolio are structured to meet your personal circumstances. This means that, when making any recommendations, we will consider all aspects of your planning including:

  • Investment objectives
  • Attitude to risk
  • Time horizons
  • Income needs
  • Tax consequences
  • Ethical / Ecological views
  • Currency considerations
  • Existing assets

Once the strategy has been agreed, our Active Investment Management Service (‘AIMS’) provides for active management of your portfolio on an agreed fee basis. In structuring your portfolio we will advise you on all asset classes – including but not restricted to Cash, Fixed Interest Securities, Commercial Property, Structured Products, Absolute Return investments and Equities. Primarily we will invest for you in Collective investments such as Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies, which are in themselves diversified investments and thus help to reduce risk.

We will, however, also advise on direct cash deposits, National Savings and Government debt (Gilts). We do not however advise on residential property or on investments into individual companies (although we can help you to facilitate individual share purchases if required). In constructing your portfolio, our primary objective will be to reduce risk within your chosen investment strategy. This we will achieve by providing diversification between asset classes, as well as between geographic regions, investment sectors and investment styles

Once established, it is then important that the portfolio should be reviewed regularly and managed in a tax effective way, which will include utilising your annual ISA and Capital Gains Tax allowances, as well as other tax efficient investment vehicles. Our Portfolio Management service is entirely advisory, such that all investment decisions are agreed with you in advance.

Taxation & Estate Planning

Tax Planning is an integral part of the advice that we offer, ensuring that your portfolios and assets are held in the most tax effective manner.

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Pension Planning

Great care is necessary when making contributions in order to take full advantage of the tax concessions and investment options available.

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Investment Management

The structure and risk profile of an investment portfolio is personal to you. A well balanced portfolio designed for the longer-term should be diversified.

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