However, regular legislative changes, particular with regard to the amount that can be invested into a pension scheme each year (the “Annual Allowance”) an the aggregate that can be accrued within the pension (the “Lifetime Allowance”) make pension planning increasingly complex and the need for advice has perhaps never been more Important.

Each year, careful consideration need to be given to the level of contributions, the overall investment strategy and the choice of individual investments in the context of your individual circumstances. For many clients this can be most successfully achieved through the use of a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) which will often provide the greatest investment flexibility, allowing you to take control of both the strategy and costs of your scheme.

Despite the new flexibilities, for most people, the objective of the pension remains unchanged – to provide a primary source of income in retirement. Our role is to advise on the most appropriate, and tax-effective way of securing that income in the context of other assets that are available to you.

Taxation & Estate Planning

Tax Planning is an integral part of the advice that we offer, ensuring that your portfolios and assets are held in the most tax effective manner.

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Pension Planning

Great care is necessary when making contributions in order to take full advantage of the tax concessions and investment options available.

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Investment Management

The structure and risk profile of an investment portfolio is personal to you. A well balanced portfolio designed for the longer-term should be diversified.

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