In structuring your portfolio we will have regard to managing your Capital Gains Tax allowance, enabling you to draw capital from your portfolio in a tax effective manner, whilst avoiding creating unnecessary tax liabilities. We will also aim to use the new annual dividend allowance to shelter more of your income from tax.

Estate Planning is also an important part of the tax planning service that we offer to clients.

Attitudes towards inheritance tax planning vary greatly, with some clients attaching great importance to reducing any tax liabilities on their death. We offer detailed advice in structuring your estate in order to minimise Inheritance Tax liabilities – from the use of simple gift exemptions to more complex issues such as trust arrangements designed to allow you to gift capital in the most tax effective manner.
Protection, in the form of Life Insurance and Critical Illness provision remain two of the fundamental building blocks of financial and Inheritance planning, allowing you to provide financial security to your dependants. We will advise on appropriate levels and types of Life and Critical Illness cover as well as Income Protection, Private Health insurance, Redundancy cover and Mortgage protection.

Pension can also form an important part of estate planning with funds retained in the pension fund on death being outside of an individual’s estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. Indeed, where death occurs before 75, funds left in the pension scheme can be distributed to beneficiaries tax-free

Taxation & Estate Planning

Tax Planning is an integral part of the advice that we offer, ensuring that your portfolios and assets are held in the most tax effective manner.

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Pension Planning

Great care is necessary when making contributions in order to take full advantage of the tax concessions and investment options available.

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Investment Management

The structure and risk profile of an investment portfolio is personal to you. A well balanced portfolio designed for the longer-term should be diversified.

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